Saturday, October 1, 2011


Dear Fellow...people who go on this website and seek comfort in this. This is Harrison Laine, the f*** up who does f*** ups. Well, I’ve reached the inevitable. I HAVE to take a break from doing reviews. It’s not because I enjoy doing them but I have suffered something that I never thought would happen to me. I am suffering severe burnout/depression. I guess doing 3 to 5 videos per week for the last month has gotten me like this. That is why for the next two weeks, after the Spider Man 3 review, there will be no reviews. Most of it is because I have to write quality scripts for the videos. Second, me wearing the checker tuque and a long sleeved black shirt in a room where I have to close the window to keep the noise out does get my head screwed up. By the way, I will NOT change that. THAT is my uniform for these reviews. Last, but not least, I want to watch GOOD movies. Ever since I started doing these reviews, I purposely had to watch terrible movies, screwing me up and sending me into a depression...seriously, watching that many bad movies does send you into a depression AND a rage which you see in my videos. I am sick. So, yes, I have kept you entertained, even if I don’t get any “rages”, I have enjoyed entertaining for our following. (As I type, we only have 5 followers.) So, for the next two weeks, NO movie reviews. Just watch my other 43 movie reviews again, just don’t complain about when I should do my reviews. IN TWO WEEKS!! Otherwise, anyone else on this website can make movie reviews. So, here’s to a two week break! Thank you for understanding.

Harrison Laine's Spider Man 3 review