Thursday, November 7, 2013

Week 5

The Hangover Part 3

I remember when I watched the first Hangover movie with my ex-girlfriend. We were in high how we got into an R-rated movie in the first place is beyond fact, even back then I didn't know how we got in.

When we watched it, it was hilarious. My sister's teacher said that the beginning was really slow but I didn't see it. I liked the beginning of the movie. It showed the characters before the shit hits the fan...

And then the shit it's the fan...and it is hilarious. It was fun. It was enjoyable. And I would want to see it again. I didn't even think that there would be a sequel because the 1st movie was so self contained.

So, when the sequel was announced, I wasn't surprised since the 1st one made money...also, I didn't care.

When the movie came out, everybody said the same thing: It was the 1st movie except in a different location. I thought it was ok. It was pretty much the same thing...that's my main compliant.

Now...this movie series is a perfect example of people not knowing what they want. The 1st movie...everybody liked. The 2nd movie was the same and people didn't like it.

Then, there's the 3rd movie which does something completely different...and people still complain about it...

The moral of the story is that there should never have been Hangover sequels...oh, and the 3rd movie sucked,

It starts off with man-child Alan taking a giraffe from the zoo and, driving on his way home, decapitates it, accidently. After that, among other things, it has been decided that he should go to a mental hospital, with Phil, Stu and Doug drive him there.

Then, the plot comes in with an antagonist played by John Goodman. After, a few events of the 1st movie, Ken Jeong's character, Chow, is involved...and more or less annoying than the other movies...I don't know. So, after some...things...the bad guy takes away Doug...who is always wasted in these movies, has anyone noticed that.

So...I would tell you about the plot but it's just about getting gold in exchange for Doug. That's it. Wasn't the first movie about 4 guys drinking and waking up to a complete mess? There was a scene in the 3rd movie where the characters were fighting Chow in a hotel room during a coke party. I'm like...

Am I watching a completely different movie?

So...just watch the movie. It's worse than the last sequel. Just remember you're watching a a Hangover movie. Keep reminding yourself that.

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