Thursday, October 17, 2013

Week 2

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Apologies for missing last week...I...don't know what I was doing.

Anyway, after many many many many months of wanting to see the sequel to the good Star Trek movie, I finally see it...just one problem.

I should never ever ever look at the back of the DVD cover. Otherwise, there will be spoilers just before you watch the the way...there are going to be spoilers here.

So, it's the original Star Trek 2...that's pretty much it. The villain is Khan...which leads me right back to what I said looking at the back of the DVD cover.

When I looked at the back of the DVD cover before watching the movie, I saw the villain's name was's pretty much like the people were like...

"People know who the villain really is...we're not going to hide the details even if they spend years trying to find the movie when they can afford to buy it. They might as well just watch the original 2nd movie."

Also, everybody knew that the villain was Khan...and it was. So, even if I didn't look at the DVD cover, I wasn't that surprised when he mentioned who he was.

Oh and after a few minutes, Pike dies, which caused me to scratch my head a little bit. Here's why:

In the first movie, Pike barely survived and ended up in a wheel chair at the end. In this movie, he's fine and walking with a cane. Then, Khan appears and shoots several people during a meeting, killing Pike. What was the point of killing Pike at the beginning of this movie, instead of killing him in the 1st movie? So, than Kirk could be inspired enough to gain back control of his ship?

Oh yeah, after a botched side mission, Kirk loses control of his ship because the inhabitants of an island where it took place saw the Enterprise and, after years of not knowing technology, they praise the ship as some sort of God.

Now, I know how the original 2nd movie went. Khan is the most evil villain in the galazy and Spock dies. Now, Khan is damn good in this movie and he did his part well. Don't have much to say, except it was a bit hammy at times.

Oh and there is a role reversal with Kirk and Spock...Kirk dies. Eh. I didn't really care...a part of me is like...

"Like you would really do it. If they brought back Spock in the original 3rd movie, Kirk would be brought back in the sequel."

Well, I was half right. Kirk does come back...about 7 minutes after he dies. How? Spock runs after Khan to kill him after Kirk dies. Then, he is informed that Khan needs to be brought back alive because his blood can cure people's diseases. like the father whose daughter was dying, so Khan made a deal. His blood will help his daughter and the father must sacrifice himself by blowing himself, and the place he worked, up.

Okay. Okay.

As for the rest of the film...I don't remember caring much. It was darker...a little bit darker. It was intense but not completely dark. The stakes were higher and...that's all I could think about.

All and all, the 1st one was better but it was a pretty good sequel. I hope the 3rd one will be better.

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