Monday, April 11, 2011

Insidious: A Short Review

So I saw Insidious this weekend. Now I don't understand why me of all people thought it was a good idea to see this. I'm the biggest chicken you'll ever meet. Regardless, I went and got scared shitless.

Now this movie was great for a number of reasons. It had a classic horror feel to it for some reason. Whether it was the classic opening title or the soundtrack, it just felt like a classic horror flick to me. I was also glad to see that the creator of Paranormal Activity was trying something new.

Anyway, the movie revolves around the typical family: Husband, wife, 3 kids. Eventually shit happens and one of the two sons ends up in a coma. The doctors that ran tests on the boy said nothing was actually wrong with him and eventually admitted him home. So now the family has a boy hooked up to an IV in their home. Sort of odd/weird/freaky...well to me anyway. So soon after, the mother starts seeing weird people/things in her house and tells her husband who then tells his mother. So now the step mother refers a few 'experts' to look at the situation and find out that the boy is trapped in some sort of world outside his own. So in order to get the boy back to normal, the father has to go after the boy trapped in this dream world. (There's a lot of stuff I'm leaving out here. It's better to see the movie for yourself)

Now, the main villain is a spirit that tries to enter the boy's body, referred to as the 'red man'. Now this mofo is scary. The amount of times he's popped up and scared me...damn. Anyway, what I really wanted to show off was this one scene where the red man is standing right behind the father.


That made me shiver for the rest of the movie. Like I said before, it's definitely worth seeing for yourself. Lots of classic horror mixed into this new film.

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