Wednesday, April 13, 2011

PC Gaming: Mods Top 5

In the console vs PC wars, one argument has always stuck with me. Maybe its because I'm too curious for my own good, but the allure of PC mods has always made me buy 2 copies of Bethesda Games, such as Fallout 3 or New Vegas. But just what are the greatest mods of all time? We may never know. But we can make a few guess's....

5. FOOK(Fallout Overhaul Kit)

Introducing real-world fire-arms, FOOK is a must for gun-nuts.

FOOK, a mod for both New Vegas and Fallout 3, is probably one of the most downloaded mods on both their homepage and the Fallout Nexus, (Mods with tits have the most, to no-one's great surprise). It, among other things, adds updated weapons, and is mostly a homage to the old Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics games, living up to its name as an Overhaul kit. As well, updated blood effects, and seamless integration into core gameplay make this Mod a must, and when combined with others, totally transform the experience. If you own Fallout, either of them, I'd recommend pairing this with IWS(Increased Wasteland Spawns) and a visual upgrade for the best effect, making the wasteland teem with life, gunfire, and pretty skylines.

4. A.C.E 2 (Advanced Combat Enviroment 2)

ArmA 2 is a realistic game to start with, so you can imagine just how hardcore a player has to be to want to make it more unforgiving. Adding hundreds of weapons, and vast changes to core gameplay, this is the closest you'd ever want to be to a real war-zone. Sounds have been changed too, adding to the already tense atmosphere. Easily one of the most popular ArmA 2 mods, it has been expanded to work on the expansion Operation Arrowhead, and quite a few other mods are made to work alongside it, including a comprehensive Peoples Liberation Army sub-mod, which rivals the original game in quality. My only gripe is the ridiculous learning curve, compounded by the hyper-skilled online players. Not a mod for the faint of heart.

3. Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare

SWM:Galactic Warfare 08b - Launch Trailer video - Mod DB

A massive undertaking by a German mod team, this Call of Duty 4 mod takes the frantic shooty fun of COD4, and every nerd's favorite movie series (Trekkies don't count). The result is a polished, well made mod that is only getting better with age. Starting with only one map, the mod has expanded to 3, in various Star Wars locales...from the original trilogy. Seriously, the video speaks for itself. And it doesn't have noob-tubes, which is always a plus.

2. M.E.R.P (Middle Earth Role-Playing)

MERP, a massive Elder Scrolls: Oblivion mod, is far from finished, and yet, I can't stop watching the trailers. The Oblivion engine remains beautiful to this day, and the mod-team of implemented so much of Middle Earth into the game map, from Hobbiton to Isengard, to Mordor. The team is working on getting pikes and formations to work, bringing the movies and books to life in a way we can all enjoy.
It will take time, but it will definitely be worth the wait.

1. Red Orchestra: Combined Arms

I consider this to be the greatest mod on this list, not for just its technical achievements or fan base, both of which are considerable. It is on this list for what it represents: A true milestone.

Sure, make fun of the graphics now. But this was top of the line at one point.

Based off of Unreal Tournament 2003-2004, the mod was a contest entry in the Make Something Unreal contest. Most of the entrys went with the normal shooter run-gun formula that the original game was known for. Not so for Red Orchestra. A WW2 game set on the Eastern Front, the game featured practically no HUD, bullet drop, tanks, and sniper scopes that did not totally limit your vision. It was revolutionary in every sense of the word. It is now a major game, published and sold on its own merits, and its own engine. A true success story.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed another one of my silly lists. I SERIOUSLY hope that if anyone disagrees, leave a comment. I will answer your questions/Ignore obvious flames/Listen to good points.

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